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Shell Access

If your account has been enabled for shell access, you can log in at:

At this time, there is a limited number of tools installed on the shell server. Contact if there's something you need.

Login via ssh

Only login via ssh (secure shell protocol) is supported.

On Mac OS, the Terminal program has ssh support.

On Windows, the PuTTY program is a popular ssh client.

File Transfer via sftp

If you wish to transfer files to or from the server, use a program that supports sftp transfers.

The Filezilla program is a popular choice:

Web Sites

If you are managing any websites, you can access them at /srv/www/users/<username> where <username> is your login username.

Email Support

Your email support files are located at /srv/mail/<username> where <username> is your login username.

Some entries of interest:

  • deliver.log - Log of deliveries to your mailbox. Can be useful for troubleshooting problems.
  • .spamassassin/user_prefs - Configuration settings for the Spamassassin spam filter.
  • Sieve/active.sieve - Your “sieve” mail filter. More information on sieve here:
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